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The Brickfire Project Mentoring Program is dedicated to helping each child obtain his or her best potential. A typical afternoon involves helping the kids with their homework, reading a grade-level book, and playing outside or with one of our many board games. We invite you to apply to become a mentor and lend your support at the start of each new school semester.


The Brickfire Project Mentoring Program values relationships above all else. As a mentor, you are more than a tutor. You are a friend. Each day, our mentees excitedly look forward to the arrival of their mentors. Mentors cultivate relationships through continued support, encouragement, and donation of their time.

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“My passion for creating The Brickfire Project Mentoring Program began in 2012 when I asked a first grader what he wanted to be when he grew up. His answer was simply that he was going to jail because that was where 'kids like him' went. The goal of Brickfire in part is to help the kids with schoolwork, but most importantly, the goal is to encourage them through mentorship so that their answer to this question looks drastically different.”
-Holly Travis, Founder


Applications are done semesterly and are for Mississippi State students. The application can be found at the beginning of each semester on Cowbell Connect.

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